The Westford Friends of Recreation, Inc. was established in January 2003.  We are a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization. The purpose of the group is to maintain an association of civic-minded persons to promote and carry out activities consistent with supporting the encouragement, formation, and broadening of recreational services and activities within the Town of Westford. The group solicits funds to be used toward the fostering and attainment of these civic and recreational goals including but not limited to assisting the Town of Westford's Parks & Recreation Department in its offering of services and recreational land uses to the Town. The group encourages the community to support recreational services, to facilitate communication, to coordinate services between the Parks & Recreation Department, the School Department and any other municipal educational, preservation or cultural organization to help achieve these civic and athletic goals. Finally, the group assists in improving the physical aspects of the Town of Westford and furthering the recreation and enjoyment of its inhabitants and local employees. 

Some of the past projects that the Westford Friends of Recreation supported are listed here.

Our success is dependent on our fellow residents support.  The easiest way to show that support is to join our mailing list so that we can keep you informed of recreation initiatives.

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Current Board Members:

Mary Ellen Tynan

Mary Dominici

Kacy Caviston

Angela Waszak 

Chris Barrett

Carolyn Metcalf

Alex Ivanov

Rike Kjellberg