2016 Special Town Meeting

2016 Special Town Meeting - Oct 17 Abbot School.  7:30 PM

There are two articles on the town meeting warrant that need your support.  Article 8 is to allow the town to enter into a lease agreement that will provide temporary office and programming space for the recreation dept.  This space is at the old Courier building at 22 Old Farm Rd.  Having this space will allow the recreation dept to move out of the basement of the fire station and  provide greater opportunities for recreation programming.

Article 11 is the CPA article which will request voters support the allocation of CPA funds for the recreation center feasibility study.  Without this funding and the subsequent study chances of having Westford build a new recreation center will be slim to none so it is important that this article passes.

Please vote YES on both article 8 and 11.

We need 200 voters to start the town meeting.  It should be over pretty quickly (< 2 hrs) so please come and urge your friends to attend as well.