2014 Year End Update

At the beginning of the summer, a dedicated group of Westford residents came together in an effort to establish a recreation and community center in Westford.  First, the group formalized under the auspices of the Westford Friends of Recreation (WFOR), a registered non-profit for over a decade, with hopes of imitating the success of WFOR’s last active project - the creation of the turf fields at Nutting Road.  Secondly, the Friends rolled out a new website to facilitate communication and media presence.  From June through August, as part of our outreach strategy, we participated in numerous events such as Westford’s Strategic Planning day, the weekly Farmer’s Market and the Pig N Pepper Fest.  At these events it was always uplifting to see people’s excitement about a new recreation center in Westford!

At the 2014 annual town meeting, Westford’s Parks and Recreation Department received CPA funding to develop a recreation master plan, including administration of a town-wide recreation needs assessment survey.   This survey is a great opportunity for residents to share their opinions about the recreational opportunities in Westford with Town officials.  This month the RFP for the recreation master plan was advertised.  Selection of consultants will begin in January 2015.

In the early part of 2015 we want to continue raising awareness about our campaign, and encourage residents to answer the recreation needs assessment survey.  To accomplish these goals, the Friends are planning a town-wide mailing to inform residents about the campaign and the survey.  As a registered non-profit, the Friends can take advantage of special postage rates, but preliminary estimates for a town-wide mailing range from several hundred to over one thousand dollars. 

This is where we need your help!  Please consider a fully tax deductible donation to the Friends.  This can be done securely via our website donation page:


 Alternatively donations may be mailed to:

Westford Friends of Recreation, Inc
P.O. Box 2011
Westford, MA 01886

In closing, please consider emailing or using social networks to spread the word about the Westford Recreation Center Campaign to your friends and colleagues.  The more supporters we have, the greater our chance of success!

Thank you in advance for your continued enthusiasm!

Westford Friends of Recreation